'Chris The N—r': Congressman Reportedly Used Slur In Call To Former Job

Photo: vasquez.house.gov

A Democratic lawmaker reportedly used a racial slur during a phone call to his former employer, asking for "Chris the n—er."

According to police reports obtained by Free Beacon, New. Mexico Rep. Gabe Vasquez (D) made the racist comment when he was a college student in 2004.

During a phone conversation with a human resources employee at a Las Cruces, New Mexico call center, Vasquez reportedly asked to speak with an individual named Chris.

Vasquez referred to the individual as a "n—er" when asked to clarify who he wanted to speak with to, reports state. The human resource employee hung up and later left a message for Vasquez, saying she planned to file a police report over the incident.

In the police report obtained by Free Beacon, the staffer said Vasquez “had been calling harassing employees” after he was “terminated for cause for falsifying data” on July 20, 2004.

At one point, Vasquez called “research data design and she answered the phone. She stated that the person asked, ‘Is Chris there?’ she said. ‘Who, which Chris?’ as apparently there are a number of Chrises there and he said, ‘Chris the N—er,’ and she hung up. She stated that shortly thereafter, another telephone call was received by another employee who was asked for Chris, and he said, ‘Chris who?’ and the reply was ‘Chris the Black man,’” the police report says.

In a statement, Vasquez denied using the racial slur and accused his Republican opponents of making up false narratives ahead of the election.

“I have not and would never use language like this. This attack is categorically false,” Vasquez said. “This is another example of how desperate Republicans are lying about my character rather than focusing on delivering for New Mexico.

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